Has the game changed? Twenty years of Ferréz and Literatura Marginal


Deus foi almoçar
literatura marginal

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HERNÁNDEZ-ROMERO, M. Has the game changed? Twenty years of Ferréz and Literatura Marginal. Veredas: Revista da Associação Internacional de Lusitanistas, [S. l.], n. 29, p. 212–232, 2019. DOI: 10.24261/2183-816x1329. Disponível em: https://revistaveredas.org/index.php/ver/article/view/399. Acesso em: 23 maio. 2024.


The article analyzes the trajectory of Ferréz in the context of the Marginal Literature movement twenty years after its first publication, from the collection of poems Fortaleza da desilusão (1997) to his last novel Deus foi almoçar (2012). This manuscript is a dialogue with the critique produced in the twenty years since Ferréz's appearance. This paper seeks to assess the impact of Ferréz on contemporary Brazilian literary production. The article presents a critical discussion for the comprehension of the Brazilian literary and cultural field in contemporary times. Special attention will be given to the character of Calixto, the protagonist of the novel Deus foi almoçar, as his characterization represents another form of marginality which suggests a continuation of Ferréz's marginal features.

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